Heatseal Vinyl Transfer and Glitter Printing

Heatseal Printing

Heat Seal Vinyl is a PU Flex Film and is available in a wide selection of colours. The process is ideal for small quantity production including one-off  items and is perfect for Name and Number application to club kits, brand designs and printing for Stag and Hen Parties, Holidays, Family and company events
Making an image in Film Vinyl involves setting text and/or making a template image of a design from a graphic file. We work from High Resolution customer supplied files but can also make custom designs using royalty free vector images from a web library where required.  There are no set up charges working with customer supplied files but if we have to spend time making a file suitable for printing or preparing a bespoke design there may be an extra  cost involved. 
Films are made in from very thin PU flex (50-60 microns).
Standard Vinyl films are a permanent hard wearing solid vibrant Matt finish, Eco friendly Oeko-Tex 100 approved and are Washable up to 80°C, can be Dry cleaned and Tumble Dry. We also have Flourescent, Glitter and Metallic films for specialised products. Vinyl Standard Vinyl Films are suitable for multi-colour layering.
Heat Seal Vinyl Printable Colours