School Leavers Embroidered and Printed Hooides

Printed & Embroidered School Leavers Hoodies

This summer we have printed many school leaver hoodies, most of the schools tend to have Embroidery and Printed back with the "year" and "Leavers" and all the childrens names printed within the number shape.

Below we questioned one school about our service.

How did you hear about Wizard Printers?

I stumbled upon it by pure chance as my husband was fitting the security system for you and I happened to be with him when he popped in as we were visiting a friend at the same yard.

Can you tell us a bit about you and your leavers hoodie project for your school?

I am Assistant Head of the current year 11's at Bournside. With 270 in the year I found the whole task far too daunting so had originally stated we would not be doing them. (Hoodies are not a theme at our school) Wizard Printer's made the task so easy, it was meant to be!

How would you describe the service you received from Wizard Printers?

Absolutely amazing! I will recommend Wizard Printers to anyone and everyone. The help and kindness was amazing and the standard of professionalism and product was second to none.

Assistant Head of Year 11 and Assistant Head of Religious Studies
Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre

Screen Printed Hoodies
Just Hoodies College Hoodie JH001 was used on this School Leavers Hoodie.

Printed Leavers School Hooides 2016
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