Artwork Guide

How to supply your artwork to us

Customers are recommended to supply artwork files in a format we can use for Printing or Embroidery. To avoid unnecessary delays and to ensure you receive the highest quality customisation please review our artwork guidelines below. These guidelines apply to both printing and embroidery services.


High resolution JPG, BMP, TIFF, EPS, AI, PDF

All files types are accepted as long as the resolution is high quality for best results artwork files should be at least 300 dpi at the print size.  PDFs must be created from vector files and remain editable. PDF Files created from a bitmap file, for example in Microsoft Word, are unusable and may incur extra charge for re-drawing

Vector AI files and EPS files

Vector Adobe Illustrator and EPS files are the preferred files types. It is easy to differentiate between vectors and other formats. If you zoom into a vector, you will see no rough edges or pixels. By zooming in to a bitmap artwork, the image and edges will become blurred and pixellated.

Embedding fonts

If your logo includes any fonts / typefaces, then these MUST be converted to paths When the text is converted to a graphic object style cannot be changed. If this is not done, then when we receive the file and don't have the equivalent fonts we will not be able to match the type styles.

Single colour psd bitmap files

Multi colour artwork to be reproduced as single colour print requires the colours to be in Layers. .

Converting files for embroidery

We charge a fee for converting logos into an embroidery format (digitising), a one time only fee, then file is available for future use. Embroidery text from our standard font Library are set up free of charge, text used in designs supplied by customer that are not part of a logo and are not a standard embroidery font are subject to embroidery file conversion fee.